The Best Forklift For Your Work Environment

When buying or looking for a forklift rental, you need to consider where you'll use it as much as what you're using it for. Whether you're in a warehouse, going between a storage space and a dock, or outside among the trees, there are different types of forklifts that may be better suited for your working environments.

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Indoor Use Only

Indoor work spaces such as warehouses are best served by small electric or propane forklifts. There are a few reasons for that, starting with the tires of your forklift, as you're more likely to find concrete-floor friendly tires on those smaller forklifts. They also tend to be more maneuverable and nimble in tighter spaces. This is a crucial consideration if you've got to get the most out of your warehouse and need narrower aisles. There's also air-quality to consider, as a fossil-fuel powered forklift can be a potential hazard unless your warehouse is properly ventilated. If you have heavier loads to move within a large warehouse, propane forklifts may be your best option as they pack the most power with the cleanest burn.

Another consideration is power. Indoor work spaces generally have a convenient place where a forklift can be plugged in to charge, or where you can store bottles of propane safely.If you need to unload trucks and pick orders, electric power is your best choice.

What Forklifts Are Best For Indoor And Outdoor Use?

If you'll be mixing use, such as hauling cargo outdoors from a warehouse or moving materials between ships and warehouses on a paved, flat surface, consider an internal combustion forklift. These can be powered either by compressed gas such as propane, liquid natural gas (or LNG), or even gasoline. Which power method you choose should depend on how often your forklift will be outdoors. If it will be in an enclosed space the majority of the time, a propane or LNG powered forklift will be the better choice for air quality and safety.

Another factor is the tires on your forklift. Cushion tires are better suited to indoor use, while pneumatic tires may be considered in rougher environments where you might need a gasoline-fueled forklift. You'll need to keep your mixed-used forklift to paved, well-maintained surfaces outdoors.

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Outdoor Use Only

When you need to get over rugged terrain, or you just need a lot of lifting power, you're generally looking at a gasoline or diesel powered forklift. They are equipped with the stronger motors and the pneumatic tires you need to get over rugged terrain. These forklifts have the sheer lifting power needed to move cargo containers, large collections of construction materials and other excessively heavy weights.

The size and weight of these forklifts is important for more than just lifting power. Forklifts have a constantly shifting center of gravity. Buying a forklift or renting one that's too small and taking it on terrain that's too uneven, might result in a tip over. If you don't need a large forklift but are exclusively outdoors, in dirt, consider what it will take to offer a smaller forklift a smooth, level surface before you rent.

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