Forklifts in Tempe, AZ

Simply look in any warehouse or down any alley and it is easy to notice that businesses count on forklifts in Tempe. It isn't hard to do a brief search on the internet with The Forklift Center and find a forklift dealer in Tempe, the challenging part is selecting a reliable one that will be there when you need them. A problem can arise when it is time to decide between warehouse forklift models, particularly when you may have varying size/weight loads and space to operate in. It can be difficult to find a forklift dealer who can handle the large number of machine sizes and both internal combustion and electric forklift engine types that can make the head spin. No one sells every brand of used forklift for sale in Tempe so picking a manufacturer and dealer often need to be made at the same time. Picking out your lift truck is always the initial step, select from:

  • Liquid Propane (LPG) Forklifts - A clean and environmentally friendly option, effective and can be utilized inside warehouses, high reliability.
  • Internal Combustion Forklifts- Run on standard gasoline are still very common and make for easy refueling.
  • Diesel Forklifts- Huge diesel forklifts are typically limited to diesel fuel and come with a wide variety of attachments which allow lifting of just about any kind of material as much as one hundred thousand pounds.
  • Electric Forklifts- The obvious choice for indoor use as you don't have to worry about the noise or polluting effects of other engine types.

Is Your Forklift Broken Down in Tempe, AZ?

The reality is equipment inevitably stops working, and when you need forklift repair in Tempe, time is money. Having your lift trucks repaired and your product line in motion again is your most important job, so you will want to find a dealer who offers on-site support and high quality forklift service specialists. Look for an established business who takes pride in ensuring that your lift is repaired properly every time. Keeping your equipment up to par will help you avoid emergencies and save money over time, making forklift repair in Tempe a high priority for facility managers. It is well known that when the machine stops running, employees are often caught waiting around for forklift service technicians and that hurts the bottom line. The bigger your business, the more important it is to set up forklift maintenance contracts that will assure you have no downtime with back up equipment prepared at a moment's notice.

  1. How many forklift repair men do they have?
  2. Does your dealership guarantee to arrive within a specified length of time from when I request support?
  3. What do most of your customers pay to have you fix a forklift?
  4. What type of nominal fee do you charge for regular service calls if I buy the monthly maintenance program?
  5. Speak directly with a big client or two who utilize their service on a regular basis.
  6. Can all repairs be performed within our location?
  7. Are you going to reduce your charges when I agree to work with only your dealership?
  8. What is the cost range for emergency service and non business hours work?
  9. I have many different types of forklifts, are you able to help me maintain all types?
  10. Can your repair men deal with several manufacturer product lines?
  11. What if I notice that after the forklift repair work is done the equipment is still not functioning properly, how soon do I need to inform you?

Rent a Forklift From A Trusted Dealer

A forklift rental in Tempe is the best approach to quickly deal with new stock deliveries. Perhaps you rent forklifts seasonally for larger short-term jobs or can't afford a purchase. Whatever the scenario may be you need to be sure you examine the cost of forklift rental in Tempe to the cost of owning over the long run. Accountants prefer to remove all short-term expenditure on the balance sheet and many times fail to recognize what a lifesaver this equipment can be in a pinch. Short term forklift rental also gives the greatest level of flexibility and can also work for just one truck load if you are not managing ongoing shipments. Forklift rental rates in Tempe will vary by the day, week, month and even on an hourly basis. Most businesses who rent lift trucks are not going to provide an operator so it is important to get an employee educated. Renting a pricey machine also means that you will need to be properly covered by insurance.

Buy a Used Forklift or Lease a New One?

In spite of the new technology that is now at our disposal it can continue to be challenging to find a high quality used forklift in Tempe. If your lift will be utilized outside in the cold or for multiple hours daily then you will require a real workhorse. Your choices may be limited by financial constraints however the price of a used forklift truck often be cheaper. Many companies who handle multiple pieces of equipment and locations depend on major names including Toyota forklifts, Crown Lift Trucks and Caterpillar forklifts. There are great budget alternatives including Raymond, Yale forklifts, Nissan forklifts and Yale. Any big company have used forklifts for sale when their fleet turns over. Buying a used forklift in Tempe makes your choice on which manufacturer to select much more important. Toyota forklifts are respected for their high quality and fantastic aftermarket service. It is clear that used forklifts don't have to be considered a gamble.

  1. If possible make an effort to only buy standard forklift capacity ranges of less than 7,500 since they will give you more choices than large capacity lifts.
  2. How many days will you need the forklift and how many hours a day will it be running?
  3. Most people do not know it but insurance rates can go up and down based on buying a used forklift particularly if it is a very old machine with out of date security features.
  4. Speak to a minimum of 4 forklift dealers in Tempe to assess their hourly, monthly, & long term lease options.
  5. Check the dealers track record to be sure you aren't liable for repairs and maintenance on an old used forklift in Tempe.
  6. It is difficult to estimate all of the jobs your lift will be used for so it is better to buy a forklift slightly larger than you think you initially need.
  7. Any decent equipment dealer can teach your employees to be safe and up to OSHA government requirements.
  8. Will Tempe require a registration when you purchase a used forklift?
  9. Avoid unexpected charges by checking for delivery fees, part replacement charges and odd billing cycles that can trip you up.

It doesn't matter how big your organization is or how many areas you serve you have, The Forklift Center will be here to help you out. Simply enter your info into the quote form and we get moving for you.