New & Used Forklifts in Pomona, CA

Day after day businesses are looking for material handling options that enhance productivity by utilizing forklifts in Pomona. The Forklift Center is undoubtedly the only place to find dependable local forklift dealers in Pomona that are authorized by the leading manufacturers. It is no secret that nearly every supplier relies on warehouse forklifts to keep their businesses bustling. Depending on the design of your facility you may need high-reach fork lifts, electric forklifts for indoor use, order pickers, narrow aisle or a unique counterbalanced lift that can articulate while loaded for any stacking job. There are plenty of avenues for buying used forklifts for sale in Pomona but you will often end up disappointed if you don't have a solid understanding of what lift will work best for you. It is recommended to first figure out the kind of lift truck to meet your requirements and here is an easy guide:

  1. Gasoline Forklifts- Perfect for outdoor usage only (strongly recommended), provide strong weight to power output ratio and are really dependable.
  2. Liquid Propane (LPG) Forklifts - A clean and green choice, efficient and can be utilized within warehouses, high durability.
  3. Electric Forklifts- The obvious choice for indoor use as you don't have to worry about the noise or polluting effects of other engine types.
  4. Diesel Forklifts- Huge diesel forklifts are mainly limited to diesel fuel and come with a wide variety of attachments that allow lifting of virtually any kind of material up to one hundred thousand pounds.

Is Your Forklift Truck In Need of Repair in Pomona, CA?

The reality is equipment predictably stops working, and when you need forklift repair in Pomona, time is money. From 3, 2, and even 1 hour forklift service appointments you need to find a company with very qualified specialists and several service vans. Same day repair is available in many metros as well but it will cost you. You can often find 24 hour forklift repair in Pomona but it can help if you have a routine maintenance contract that gives you priority. It is well known that when the machine stops operating, employees are often stuck waiting for forklift service technicians and that hurts the bottom line. The larger your company, the more important it is to have forklift maintenance contracts that will guarantee you have no downtime with back up equipment prepared at a moment's notice.

  • Does your dealership have enough forklift repair technicians to handle several service calls at a time if my fleet starts to fail?
  • Does your dealership promise to show up within a certain period of time from when I call for support?
  • How much do your average clients pay when you fix a forklift?
  • If I set up a a ongoing maintenance program, deduct the fees of the initial repair from my contract?
  • Talk directly with a large company or two who utilize their service regularly.
  • Will I have to deliver my machines to your dealership or can you provide assistance at my business?
  • Do you offer reduced prices for repeat customers?
  • Are there added fees for evening or weekend assistance?
  • What other types of forklifts or material handling equipment can you maintain?
  • Are there any lines of equipment that you don't work with?
  • How long is a forklift repair job guaranteed?

Evaluating Your Options From Dealer to Dealer

Even for businesses with big equipment fleets it can often pay to get a forklift rental in Pomona if times get tough. You probably rent forklifts seasonally for larger short-term projects or can't afford a purchase. Businesses that rent forklifts in Pomona really help in a pinch by supplying fast access to equipment without the problems that come with owning. Accountants like to get rid of every short-term cost on the balance sheet and many times don't realize what a lifesaver this equipment can be when you need it. Forklift rental prices vary extensively from area to area and company to company and usually will not be posted on their websites. You can see fees that range from $150 to $350 for a 7k lb forklift rental by the day and $150 - $500 for a 8,000 lb. lift by the day. A typical warehouse forklift rental will often start at approximately $100 a day plus delivery, while the large capacity lifts can cost nearly $500 or more. Even though you may be searching for this equipment due to an emergency or time constraints, you still need to take time to consult at least 3 dealers and ask about delivery fees, insurance or any other fees that may apply.

Saving Money With High Quality Refurbished Forklifts in Pomona

Depending on your location, company size and type of inventory you're going to be moving there is a lot to take into account when you buy a new or used forklift in Pomona. Before you you commit to material handling purchases do your research online. Your options may be limited by financial constraints but the price of a used forklift truck often be cheaper. A lot of people in the material handling industry opt to purchase a Toyota forklift, Crown or Caterpillar forklift because they are the largest manufacturers. In cases where you only use your lift truck a few hours every month you can get away with a Yale forklift, Nissan lift truck or a Hyster or Raymond. Call around for the lowest rates on a used forklift for sale by speaking with material handling experts who need to replace outdated lift trucks. No matter who you choose for your used forklift in Pomona ensure you get extensive and high quality warranties. Most material handling publications recommend Toyota forklifts for their unrivaled service following the purchase. Brand name manufacturer support can actually ensure purchasing used forklifts more attractive.

  • Does Pomona keep records of every time a used forklift is sold which you need to keep up to date?
  • Figure out what size of forklift truck you will require for the job, usually from 5,000 pound to 20,000 pound
  • Try to determine how long you will need your forklift.
  • A lot of people do not realize it but insurance premiums may go up and down depending on purchasing a used forklift especially if it is a very old lift with outdated safety features.
  • Get in touch with no less than 2 forklift dealers in Pomona so you can check their daily, monthly, & long term lease rates.
  • Will the dealer charge a delivery fee? Nearly all dealers charge a delivery fee and also a pick up fee for rentals.
  • Every great equipment supplier will certify used forklifts in Pomona, and most will also offer warranties for about one year.
  • It is difficult to predict all of the jobs your lift will be utilized for so it is better to buy a forklift a little bit bigger than you think you will need at first.
  • Keeping your staff fully educated and OSHA accredited is not just essential for basic safety, it is actually a legal requirement.

No matter how large your organization is or how many cities you service you have, The Forklift Center is here to help you out. Call us or complete the quote form and we will respond as quick as possible.