New & Used Forklifts in Wichita, KS

Do you need one reliable company to provide forklifts in Wichita and all of your current material handling needs? The Forklift Center is undoubtedly the only place to find trusted local forklift dealers in Wichita that are approved by the major manufacturers. It is no secret that nearly every distributor depends on warehouse forklifts to keep their businesses humming. Thankfully there is literally a forklift for every scenario and many that can serve double and triple duty like reach-forklifts, stand up/rider combos, walkie stackers, side loaders, side loaders, electric forklifts, internal combustion, walkie tow-lifts, articulating, remote controlled and many more. Dealers cannot carry every brand of used forklift for sale in Wichita so choosing a provider and manufacturer will go together. It is best to first decide the kind of lift truck to meet your needs and here is an easy guide:

  1. Gasoline Powered- The biggest range of lifting capacities can be found in gasoline powered forklifts and they are the simplest to incorporate into fleets with multiple other equipment lines.
  2. Propane Forklifts- Newer models of LPG forklifts mean that owners no longer have to sacrifice much power at all to obtain the eco-friendly advantages.
  3. Electric Forklift- Nearly all warehouses rely on electric forklifts nowadays, though fuel cell lifts are becoming more common.
  4. Diesel Forklifts- Heavy duty diesel forklifts are usually used at docks and ports to move huge cargo containers, these large machines can lift just about anything.

Ignoring Signs of Wear Can Lead To Expensive Forklift Repairs

Every piece of equipment your business operates needs continuous maintenance in order to function smoothly and forklift repair in Wichita is no different. Getting your lift trucks fixed and your product line moving along again is your number one priority, so you will want to choose a dealer with on-site service and high quality forklift service specialists. Many companies can promise quick service but if they overextend themselves then you can lose money with idle inventory. You can often find 24/7 forklift repair in Wichita but it can help when you have a maintenance agreement which gives you priority. Regular routine maintenance contracts for forklift service are what every manager eventually comes to depend on after dealing with lift trucks breaking down several times. Forklift maintenance contracts are a necessary evil in order to avoid costlier problems later on.

  • Does the dealer have more than one forklift repair technicians available?
  • How long should it take from when I call to when the service van arrives?
  • How often are your technicians incapable of fixing a forklift?
  • What type of nominal fee do you charge for regular service calls if I utilize the repairs and maintenance program?
  • Request for a few of their best references who will attest to the quality of service they received.
  • Can all repairs be performed at our location?
  • When I commit to an extended term contract, are you going to offer a deal?
  • Do you offer service on holidays or do emergency priority service?
  • Can you fix all types of forklift or other warehouse equipment?
  • Are there any lines of equipment that you don't work with?
  • How long is a forklift repair job guaranteed?

Purchase vs. Rental vs. Long Term Lease

Even for organizations that have large equipment fleets it can often make sense to look for a forklift rental in Wichita when inventory is backed up. Usually equipment will stop working as soon as a big shipment is delivered or you recently got a new big client forcing you to rent forklifts for only a day or two. Businesses that rent forklifts in Wichita really help in a pinch by supplying fast access to equipment without the problems that come with owning. Nobody likes to see the hit on the balance sheet that comes when you rent a forklift in Wichita however the alternative, loss of credibility with major customers, just isn't an option. Forklift rental prices vary extensively from area to area and business to business and most will not be posted online. As with every business expense forklift rental rates can change drastically depending on your timing and not to mention the time of year. A regular warehouse forklift rental will most likely start at about a hundred dollars per day plus delivery, while the large capacity lifts can get up to approximately $500 or more. Renting a high priced piece of equipment also means that you will need to be fully covered by insurance.

Used Forklifts Can Save You Money in Wichita

Buying a used forklift in Wichita is a great idea for the cost sensitive warehouse operator. Prior to buying any warehouse equipment do your research on the web. Your choices might be restricted by budget constraints but the cost of a used forklift truck often be lower. Many companies who handle numerous pieces of machines and facilities rely upon major brands like Toyota forklifts, Crown Lift Trucks and Caterpillar forklifts. Other manufacturers you want to consider will be Nissan forklifts, Raymond and Yale lift trucks. Evaluating prices on used forklifts for sale can be nearly impossible when every lift has been maintained differently. Buying a used forklift in Wichita makes your decision on which manufacturer to select all the more crucial. As an example if a Toyota forklift is restored then it can truly end up like new, and many dealers may give performance guarantees. The bottom line is that used forklifts do not need to be considered a gamble.

  1. Figure out what capacity of forklift truck you will require to do the job, most often from 2,500 lbs. to 7,500 lbs.
  2. Almost all people don't realize it but insurance costs can go up and down based on buying a used forklift particularly if it is a very old machine with outdated components.
  3. The rent, lease or buy question can only be resolved by contacting several forklift dealers in Wichita to find out what special options they give.
  4. Look into the dealers background to ensure that you aren't liable for repair on an old used forklift in Wichita.
  5. Keeping your staff properly trained and OSHA certified is not just vital for safety, it is actually a legal requirement.
  6. Does Wichita keep records of every time a used forklift is sold which you need to keep updated?
  7. Don't get sideswiped by unexpected charges and look out for transport fees, part replacement fees and abnormal billing cycles that may trip you up.

The Forklift Center will be able to assist you to allocate all kinds of warehouse and construction equipment. Call us or complete the information form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.