Charlotte Forklifts - New & Used

Each and every day people are looking for material handling solutions that improve productivity with the help of forklifts in Charlotte. Most manufacturers only have one forklift dealer in Charlotte but you still need to call around on The Forklift Center to get the best price ranges. A problem can arise when it is time to decide between warehouse forklift models, particularly when you may have varying size/weight loads and space to operate in. It may be tough to find a forklift dealer who can handle the large number of machine sizes and both internal combustion and electric forklift engine types that can make the head spin. There are multiple avenues for buying used forklifts for sale in Charlotte but you will often end up let down if you don't fully understand the type of machine you need. It is best to first determine the type of lift truck to suit your needs and here is an easy guide:

  • LPG Forklifts- Liquid propane gas lift trucks are perfect for indoor use where you have to be concerned with air quality and noise.
  • Gasoline Powered- The biggest range of lifting capacities can be found in traditional gas forklifts and they are the simplest to integrate into existing non-forklift equipment fleets.
  • Diesel Forklifts- Large diesel forklifts are mostly limited to diesel fuel and come with a selection of attachments which allow lifting of virtually any kind of material as much as 100,000 lbs.
  • Electric Forklift- In terms of keeping the workplace healthy, clean, and low noise nothing beats the electric forklift.

Fixing Material Handling Equipment the Smart Way

Every piece of equipment your company owns requires regular care and maintenance to function efficiently and forklift repair in Charlotte is no different. From 3, 2, and even one hour forklift service calls you will need to find a dealer with remarkably competent specialists and multiple service vans. Search for an established dealer who values ensuring that your lift is fixed completely every time. Simply think about what happens once the equipment stops functioning and you will fully grasp how important it is to have a reputable resource for forklift repair in Charlotte. It is well known that whenever the machine stops operating, staff members are often stuck waiting for forklift service specialists and that hurts the bottom line. Forklift maintenance agreements are an unfortunate requirement in order to avoid much bigger repairs down the road.

  1. Does the dealer have multiple forklift repair technicians available?
  2. What would be the average response time on a repair call?
  3. How much do your average clients pay when you fix a forklift?
  4. When I set up a a ongoing maintenance program, deduct the charges of the initial repair from my contract?
  5. Request for a couple of their best references who will vouch for the level of service they experienced.
  6. Can you repair my lift off or on site?
  7. Can you reduce your service fees if I agree to do business exclusively with your dealership?
  8. Do you offer service on holidays or do last minute priority service?
  9. What other types of forklifts or industrial equipment can you repair?
  10. Are there any equipment manufacturers that you do not work with?
  11. Will you offer any sort of free help and support for a certain period after the forklift repair is completed?

Purchase vs. Rental vs. Long Term Lease

When your distribution facility has big changes in incoming orders sometimes your only choice is to use forklift rental in Charlotte. Perhaps you rent forklifts seasonally for larger short-term projects or cannot afford a purchase. dealers that rent forklifts in Charlotte can save the day by providing quick use of equipment without the problems that come with owning. A lot of warehouse managers simply don't take the time to do the math to really evaluate what costs less. Forklift rental prices vary extensively from place to place and one company to another and usually will not be shown on their websites. You will find rates that range between $150 to $350 for a 7k lb forklift rental by the day and $150 - $500 for a 10,000 pound lift by the day. Weekly and monthly rental will save quite a lot from daily rates and generally cost $800 - $1,800 for any lift-truck rental under 8,000 pounds. Most warehouses are definitely more efficient by owning machines to keep a lid on costs more effectively, but short term solutions can allow you to deal with the unforeseen issues that go with any organization.

How To Find a Reconditioned Used Forklift

Getting a used forklift in Charlotte makes sense for the price sensitive warehouse manager. You should check around and speak with a couple of equipment dealers but there are so many solutions that deciding can be like. Maybe you are only looking for the cheapest price for a used forklift truck that will only be used sparingly. Many companies who handle multiple pieces of equipment and facilities rely upon top brands like Toyota forklifts, CAT lift trucks (Caterpillar), and Crown lift trucks. Additional manufacturers worth noting are Nissan forklifts, Raymond and Yale lift trucks. Your average sizable warehouse will have used forklifts for sale as their old equipment turns over. No matter who you choose for your used forklift in Charlotte ensure you buy extensive and high quality warranties. For instance if a Toyota forklift is refurbished then it can really end up like new, and a lot of dealers may offer warranties. As long as you go with a reliable name your decision to get a used forklift should be a good move.

  • Know what capacity of forklift truck you will need for the job, normally from 2,500 lbs. to 7,500 lbs.
  • Try to figure out how long you will need your forklift.
  • The majority of people don't realize it but insurance charges can easily go up and down based on buying a used forklift especially if it is a very old machine with outdated safety features.
  • Contact a minimum of 2 forklift dealers in Charlotte to check their hourly, monthly, & extended lease options.
  • Check out the dealers track record to ensure that you are not responsible for routine maintenance on an old used forklift in Charlotte.
  • Always buy a forklift that slightly surpasses the capacity and lift level you initially require to make sure you don't outgrow it too fast.
  • Keeping your lift operators properly educated and OSHA licensed is not just necessary for safety, it is actually a legal requirement.
  • If you invest in a used forklift are there any special charges for registering in Charlotte?
  • Does the dealer apply a delivery fee? Most dealers charge a delivery fee plus a pick up fee for rentals.

The Forklift Center can assist you to allocate all kinds of warehouse and construction equipment. Just provide your details into the quote form and we get moving for you.