Provo Forklifts - New & Used

Just look in any warehouse facility or down any alley and it is easy to see that companies depend on forklifts in Provo. Almost all manufacturers only have one forklift dealer in Provo but you still need to call around on The Forklift Center for the best rates. A problem can come up when it is time to choose between warehouse forklift models, particularly when you may have varying size/weight loads and space to operate in. Thankfully there is literally a forklift for every scenario and several that can serve double and triple duty such as reach trucks, stand up/rider combos, walkie stackers, side loaders, side loaders, electric forklifts, internal combustion, walkie tow-lifts, articulating, remote controlled and many more. There are a lot of avenues for getting used forklifts for sale in Provo but you will often end up let down if you don't completely understand what lift will work best for you. To select the lift truck to enable you to achieve your goals start out with:

  1. Diesel Forklifts- Huge diesel forklifts are generally limited to diesel fuel and come with a selection of attachments which allow lifting of just about any kind of material to as much as 100,000 lbs.
  2. Liquid Propane (LPG) Forklifts - A clean and green choice, efficient and can be utilized inside manufacturing facilities, high durability.
  3. Electric Forklift- Most warehouses count on electric forklifts these days, though fuel cell lifts are becoming more popular.
  4. Internal Combustion Forklifts- Are powered by standard gasoline are still very common and make for quick refueling.

The Forklift Center Makes Maintenance & Repair Work Simple!

The truth is equipment obviously breaks down, and when you need forklift repair in Provo, time is money. From 3, 2, and even one hour forklift service appointments you will need to find a business with remarkably qualified technicians and multiple service vans. 2 hour repair is offered in many metros as well but it will cost you. Keeping your equipment up to standard will help you stay away from emergencies and save cash over time, making forklift repair in Provo a top priority for warehouse owners. Regular forklift service is tremendously affordable particularly when juxtaposed with the initial investment for brand new or replacement equipment, so don't skimp. Forklift maintenance contracts are an unfortunate requirement in order to avoid much larger problems in the future.

  1. Does your dealership have sufficient forklift repair technicians to take care of multiple service calls at the same time if my fleet starts to fail?
  2. What is the average response time for a repair call?
  3. What would be the standard cost to fix a forklift over six thousand pound capacity?
  4. If I sign up for a maintenance program, deduct the service fees of the initial repair from my contract?
  5. Request for a few of their best references who can vouch for the quality of service they experienced.
  6. Will you fix my lift off or on site?
  7. Do you offer special deals for repeat customers?
  8. Do you offer support on holidays or do last minute priority service?
  9. Can you repair all types of forklift or other warehouse equipment?
  10. Are there any equipment manufacturers that you don't work with?
  11. How long is your forklift repair work guaranteed?

Short Term Forklift Rental Options

If your distribution facility has significant fluctuations in incoming orders sometimes your only alternative is to use forklift rental in Provo. Usually equipment will stop working right when a huge delivery arrives or you just got a new big customer requiring you to rent forklifts for just a day or two. Lots of company owners are turned off by the thought of renting a forklift because they like to own, however the trade off comes with extra ability to handle additional work. Nobody likes to see the hit on the bottom line that comes any time you rent a forklift in Provo however the alternative, losing credibility with significant customers, is absolutely not an option. Forklift rental rates vary extensively from place to place and business to business and usually will not be shown online. As with any business expense forklift rental rates can vary significantly depending on your timing and not to mention the time of year. A typical warehouse forklift rental will most likely begin at approximately $100 per day in addition to delivery, while the heavy duty lifts might get up to roughly $400 and up. Even though you might be hunting for this equipment as a result of an emergency or time constraints, you still have to take the time to contact at least two dealers and inquire about delivery fees, insurance or any other costs that could apply.

Reduce Operating Expenses With High Quality Pre-Owned Forklifts in Provo

In spite of all the technology that is now at our disposal it can still be difficult to discover a good used forklift in Provo. Prior to buying any warehouse equipment do your research on the web. Maybe you are only searching for the least expensive price for a used forklift truck that will just be used sparingly. Many people in the material handling industry prefer to purchase a Toyota forklift, Crown or Caterpillar forklift because they are the leading manufacturers. There are actually great budget alternatives including Raymond, Yale forklifts, Nissan forklifts and Yale. Call around for the lowest rates on a used forklift for sale by talking to material handling professionals who regularly get rid of outdated lift trucks. No matter who you pick for your used forklift in Provo be sure to get extended and top quality warranties. The majority of material handling publications recommend Toyota forklifts for their unrivaled support after the purchase. So if you buy from a reliable name your decision to get a used forklift should be an effective move.

  • Will Provo charge a registration fee when you buy a used forklift?
  • Evaluate what size of forklift truck you will require to do the job, typically from 2,500 lbs. to 7,500 lbs.
  • Try to determine how long you will need your forklift.
  • Will your insurance charges change based on whether you buy a used forklift compared to a brand new one? These types of guidelines typically adjust depending on your city.
  • Get in touch with at least 3 forklift dealers in Provo to assess their short term, monthly, & long term lease options.
  • Avoid getting caught off guard by unexpected fees and look out for transport fees
  • Only invest in a used forklift in Provo from a dealer who has good references that you can verify.
  • It is not easy to forecast each of the jobs your lift will be used for so it is preferable to buy a forklift slightly bigger than you think you initially need.
  • Keeping your workers properly educated and OSHA accredited is not only necessary for safety, it's the law.

Regardless of how large your company is or how many areas you serve you have, The Forklift Center will be here to help you out. Grab the phone and get started now.